St Stephen & St Agnes Church

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New Rector

2 January 2019 Bishop Andrew  has made an appointment , but cannot say who it is until all legal processes have been followed through. A full announcement will be made shortly.


Patronal Mass

Sunday 20 January 10 a.m. Patronal Mass for St Stephen & St Agnes.

Weekly worship

Sunday 10 a.m. Sung Eucharist. Common Worship (1 hour).

Sunday 10 a.m. All Age Eucharist. First Sunday of the month (1 hour).

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Eucharist. (No Tuesday service in August)

Church of England

Change is Afoot

Rev June FaulknerHappy Christmas and happy January.

Yes, we are still in the Christmas season until January the 6th (Epiphany) when we celebrate the showing of Christ to the wise men.

As for January, whose name is associated with Janus the Roman god who is pictured facing both forward and backward – looking back to the year that is past and forward to the year to come, this image is one that appeals to me more than the making of New Year’s resolutions.  I gave up the practice a long time ago because so many of the resolutions weren’t kept and I ended up giving myself a hard time.

For us in the Windsor Team 2018 has been one where there have been a number goodbyes.  First Reverend Margaret and Tom retired to Bournemouth in March, the Father Ainsley and family moved to Bray, Reverend Kate and family went to Saint John’s Wood and Reverend Tim took up a post in Wiltshire and will be followed by Reverend Amy a few months later.  There have also been a number of funerals of faithful parishioners.  This has meant something of a bereavement and as such, takes time to deal with.

On the positive side there is gratitude for the gifts all have brought and a celebration of the life and service, lay and ordained. As we look forward there is thankfulness for the time and energy put in by parishioners, church wardens and clergy in seen and unseen ministry.

There is hope too, in that there has been an encouraging response to the advertisement for the position of Rector.  This time of change opens up opportunities for new growth and development in trying to glimpse God’s vision for us individually and corporately.  Daylight hours are increasing, already there may be signs of new growth in the garden and the promise of spring.

So as we continue to look forward to contemplatively, compassionately and courageously (Bishop Steven’s invitation) please use the following prayer.

A Prayer for the Vacancy

We ask now that you will continue to help us to share responsibility, grow in faith, love one another, care for those in need, reach out to others, and welcome newcomers. Lord Jesus, guard and grow this church as we serve you together in this period without a rector. Please guide those who are seeking the right minister for us, and those who are seeking the right church for their ministry, that together we may discover your way for the future and see your kingdom grow. Amen.

I wish you all a blessed and peaceful year.

Reverend June

Come join us!

For in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus!
—Galatians 3. 26, 28.

You are welcome to join us at St Stephen and St Agnes, regardless of race or gender or sexuality. We are part of the Church of England and our worship style is modern catholic: this means the service uses contemporary English, but still has ritual and incense (‘smells and bells’). Services finish with Fairtrade tea and coffee, or a glass of sherry if that is what you prefer. There is a Fairtrade stall selling a variety of goods from Traidcraft (chocolate, biscuits, tea, coffee, rice, Christmas cards later in the year, etc.)


There is a Sunday School at the 10 a.m. service. There are areas in the church that make it easy for parents with prams or people in wheelchairs to join the worship.  Our congregation age ranges from babies to 98-year-olds.  On the first Sunday of the month, we have a family service with home-baked cakes.  Study and discussion groups are available throughout the year with special courses run during Advent and Lent.

St Stephen and St Agnes is part of the New Windsor Team Ministry, which includes Holy TrinityWindsor Parish Church of St John the Baptist, and All Saints.