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Not everyone can come to church on a Sunday and people do go on holiday! Selected sermons are archived on this website for personal prayer and reflection.






 28 Apr

Easter 2 

John Quick ‘The Eagle of St John’ 


21 Apr 


John Quick ‘Disappearance’ 


 24 Mar

Lent 3 

John Quick ‘Repentance’ 


 10 Feb

Epiphany 5

Peter Johnson ‘Transformation


 24 Jan

Epiphany 4

John Quick ‘The fulfilment of prophecy






 23 Sep

Trinity 17 

Peter Johnson ‘Wisdom


 9 Sep

Trinity 15 

John Quick ‘On being Honest and Fair’ 


 26 Aug

Trinity  13

Gavin Koh ‘On Faith’ 


 29 Jul

Trinity 9 

Olivia Graham ‘Who is Jesus?’ 


 17 Jun

Trinity 3

Tim Laundon ‘A sermon at the start of the inter-regnum’ 






 17 Dec

Advent 3

Gavin Koh ‘Point to Christ’ 


 10 Dec

Advent 2 

Margaret Bird ‘That Liminal Place’ 


 26 Nov

Christ the King 

Gavin Koh ‘Christ the King’ 


 29 Oct

All Souls 

Margaret Bird ‘Remembrance’ 


 29 Oct

Bible Sunday

Margaret Bird ‘Hidden Treasure’ 


 15 Oct

Trinity 18 

Kate Harrison ‘The Wedding Banquet’ 


 17 Sep

Trinity 14 

Gavin Koh ‘Forgiveness is not easy


 16 Jul

Trinity 5 

Gavin Koh ‘Sowing Seeds


 9 Jul

Trinity 4 

Margaret Bird ‘Everyone is a Child of God’ 


 18 Jun

Trinity 2 

Gavin Koh ‘Sheep’ 


 4 Jun


Ainsley Swift ‘Pentecost’ 


 14 May

Easter 5

Gavin Koh ‘Christ our Rock


 23 Apr

Low Sunday

John Quick ‘The Outdoor Christian


 12 Apr

Holy Week Wed 

Kate Harrison ‘Spy Wednesday—Judas: My story’ 


 11 Apr

Holy Week Tue 

Margaret Bird ‘The Three Marys’ 


 26 Feb

Epiphany 8

Gavin Koh ‘The Transfiguration’ 


 29 Jan

Epiphany 4

Kate Harrison ‘Break our hearts for what breaks yours…’ 


 22 Jan

St Agnes 

Kate Harrison ‘A Special Occasion’ 


 15 Jan

Epiphany 2

Margaret Bird ‘The First Disciples of Christ’ 


 8 Jan


Gavin Koh ‘The God of the Unexpected’ 






 18 Dec

Advent 4

Gavin Koh ‘Joseph was an old man


 11 Dec

Advent 3

Margaret Bird ‘Who am I?


 20 Nov

Christ the King 

Rector Ainsley Swift ‘Christ the King’  


 6 Nov

All  Saints 

Rector Ainsley Swift ‘Who are the saints of God?’ 


 30 Oct

Trinity 23

Gavin Koh ‘Forgiveness’ 


 16 Oct

Trinity 21

Rector Ainsley Swift ‘Santo Spirito’ 


 2 Oct

Harvest Sunday

Kate Harrison The Bread of Life


 11 Sep

Trinity 16

Kate Harrison  The Good Shepherd


 4 Sep

Trinity 15 

Kate Harrison ‘Back to school’ 


 21 Aug

Trinity 13 

Margaret Bird ‘Jesus heals a crippled woman’ 


 14 Aug

Trinity 12 

John Quick ‘Jesus the divider


 31 Jul

Trinity 10

John Quick ‘The rich fool’ 


 10 Jul

Trinity 8

Margaret Bird ‘The good Samaritan’ 


 18 Jun

Trinity 7

Kate HarrisonNot the easiest sermon to write


 26 May

Corpus Christi 

Bishop Andrew Proud ‘Corpus Christi









Lamb  Flag

Holy Week 2016

 27 Mar

 Easter Sunday

 Canon John Austin White

 25 Mar

 Good Friday

 Canon John Austin White

 24 Mar

 Maundy Thursday

 Canon John Austin White

 23 Mar

 Wednesday in Holy Week 

 Canon John Austin White

 22 Mar 

 Tuesday in Holy Week 

 Canon John Austin White ‘Love

 21 Mar

 Monday in Holy Week 

 Canon John Austin White ‘Faith